Is Your Milk Depleting Your Calcium?

blog_Calcium-DeficiencyMost individuals in Western society have grown up believing that milk and dairy products are an important nutritional necessity, and the main source of dietary calcium. The fact that dairy makes up one of food groups in national food guides has solidified this point. However, recent research indicates otherwise and is the topic of much media controversy. Milk alone does contain a significant amount of calcium. In fact each serving contains around 300 mg per cup. Naturally people believe that it must be a rich source of calcium for the body. However research has now revealed that cows milk has been linked to many ill health effects. Due to the way our body processes dairy it actually depletes the calcium in our bodies. Here is how this works: Milk is acidic to the body and our bodies need to remain neutral as most of our bodily processes can only function within a certain level of pH. As it turns out calcium is a great neutralizer. When we consume dairy our bodies extract calcium from our bones to neutralize the milk consumed. Therefore, when we consume milk we actually end up with a calcium deficit! Furthermore, statistics show that countries where the population consumes the lowest amount of dairy shows the lowest rate of bone fractures. So what about calcium and what about the desire for a tall glass of creamy goodness? Not only does each serving of Good Karma Flaxmilk provide you with 30% of your daily recommended intake of calcium, it is also alkaline, allowing your body to utilize it effectively.

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